Stone Park Cafe
Steak and Eggs
Steak and Eggs

The Stone Park Cafe is one of the best looking and best tasting restaurants for brunch in Brooklyn. This inventive, seasonal New American restaurant is the brunch favorite for people living in and around Park Slope. It is moderately upscale with their delicious food and wonderfully attentive and knowledgeable staff.

From the outside, the restaurant looks like an old vintage store with their beautiful, tall windows and green walls. But, from the inside it feels very homey with the shiny wood floors and the exposed brick walls. There is a very modern, loft like feel in the store. The huge windows lets the sun light pour into the restaurant adds to the ambiance and gives it a lively atmosphere. The restaurant is quite expensive, but it is so worth it. The food and the location are great. Though it is a pretty upscale restaurant the staff are very friendly and are very casual. Brunch is definitely the most popular meal served at the Stone Park Cafe. On average there is a 40 min wait to get a table, but if you come at around 2:30 at the end of the brunch service the line slowly dwindles.


The food that is produced by the restaurant is even better than how it looks. They serve fresh local foods that come from a farmers market. With their brunch menu there is even a message about their eggs. "Stone park Cafe uses eggs from local hens that are naturally raised, hormone, and antibiotic free never been in a cage, and never seen a light bulb." Things like this really make me appreciate the care the restaurant takes with sourcing its ingredients. They have an extensive menu of options from biscuits and gravy to steak and eggs to quiche to housemade granola and so much more. A popular option is the oyster po' boy, which is overflowing with the perfectly crispy shellfish on a crisp ciabatta roll and topped with a crunchy celery root remoulade. I ordered the steak and eggs, which was huge. The NY strip was perfectly prepared to medium rare and so juicy. The onions on top added a sweetness that was perfect and the potatoes were fully cooked. The biscuits and gravy had flaky, yet crumbly and buttery biscuits and the gravy was thick and creamy. It was perfect with the braised greens that were cooked with bacon. It was sweet and the bacon gave it a twinge of smokiness that was delicious. Overall the food was amazing and the restaurant was beautiful. Stone Park Cafe is perfect for a Sunday brunch with your family and friends!

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