Introducing New York

New York
New York

New York City is the epicenter of the arts and basically everything else. It's the food and shopping capital of the world. It is where trends are set and ideas are developed. New York City wears many crowns, and spreads an irresistible feast for all, which is why it is one of the most popular places to go

  • Food

There is a plethora of restaurants to choose from. New York is home to so many cultures and they each brought their delicious food traditions with them. In New York there are restaurants that range from the uber expensive to the very modest, yet just as delicious. Many celebrity chefs like Mario Batali and Daniel Boulud have restaurants and even live in New York. New York is filled with Michelin Star restaurants, but people also enjoy the less fancy foods that the city offers. In all five boroughs there are cultural neighborhoods where the best and most authentic foods their cultures offer can be sampled. We also have outstanding bakeries that sell great pastries and breads.

  • Museums and Galleries 

New York has some of the world's best museums about anything you are interested in. We keep some of the best on Museum Mile (The Museum Mile consists of a few blocks on 5th Avenue chock full of museums) with museums like the Met or the Guggenheim. We also have the famous Museum of Natural History on the West Side. In Manhattan and the other boroughs there are smaller museums like the Transit Museum or the Children's Museum that are so interesting and fun.

  • Entertainment

New York is filled with great shows and things to do. We have the world famous Broadway musicals that are so wonderful and it is truly magical and exciting to sit in one of the ornate theaters to let the show transport you to a different world. There are some very long running, award winning shows. Many of the Broadway musicals have very famous actors, such as Idina Menzel, and some famous movie or television stars are also in shows like Daniel Radcliffe in The Cripple of Inishmaan. There are also sports games that you can see or to see the cirque. During the holidays you can see the famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and count down to the New Year during the Dick Clark New Year Rockin' Eve Event. So there are many, many ways to entertain yourself.

  • Attractions
Empire State Building

Attractions are one of the main reasons why people visit New York for good reason because New York is chock full of great locations and buildings to see. Places like the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty are so iconic because they have so much history. Even places like Macy's in Herald Square, Burgdorf Goodman, or Grand Central Station are widely known places. Even though they are just department stores or a train station they have great history and are symbols of New York. Some locations like Times Square are so well known and are a must see.

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