Rome is a city that everyone goes to see if all they heard about it was true. The tales of valiant gladiators sparing against beasts, the supreme emperors, and the total excess of a flourishing civilization that was set to rule the world. But, Rome in no way is a city that dwells on it's past. It is a vibrant, modern megalopolis that even after thousands of years, is still proving it's greatness.

Rome is the capital of Italy and has been for 3000 years and throughout those years it has developed a storied past that is reflected through every piazza and every vía. Many of the structures that are key to the past of the city is preserved impeccably and are scattered about, 

right next to office buildings and gelaterias. It is a rare experience to be about to actually walk into a monument that has been in the same spot for millennia. If you want to experience more of the Italian history, going into a museum will be enlightening for you; inspecting artifacts that inspires a story of the time or gawking at art that can depict it for you.

The food in Rome is some of the most interesting and complex, with a strong grasp on to their local flavors, but they aren't afraid to innovate with global influences. All of their dishes revolve around the fresh local ingredients that are seasonal, which means that you will be eating what is grown right then. These outrageously delicious ingredients make outrageously delicious food. If you are looking for classic Italian food, Rome is one place you need to go. Rome is an inspiring, exciting, and breathtaking place that you need to experience in your life.

Cacio e pepe

Cacio e pepe

Food in Rome, as for all of Italy, is treated with the utmost seriousness. Eating out is one of the greatest things to do in Rome. An amalgamation of superb al fresco dining and superlative food is a guarantee for good times. Romans always eat according to what is fresh at the markets, insuring that the food is always made from the best quality ingredients, that are seasonal and local. You may not think that this little distinction will be apparent when you are eating, but I promise, you will not think about what goes into your food the same again. The superb ingredients that they use to create these beautiful dishes make a world of a difference in how the dish tastes as a whole. In Rome, there are many great modern, fine-dining choices where you can sample the best of the Italian's innovation in food. However, for are more truly Roman meal you should look out for the city's bustling pizzerias and neighborhood trattorias. This is where the locals go with friends and family to chat over delicious pizzas and unassuming, yet delicious beyond belief Roman classics like cacio e pepe or spaghetti alla carbonara. Food is a huge factor in people coming to Rome and you definitely should not miss out on it. 


Rome is chock full of world renowned ancient structures dispersed around the city. The result of 3000 years of architectural development, Rome is a spectacular theme park filled with ancient showpieces. Ancient icons such as the Roman Forum, Colosseum, and Roman Forum evoke a feeling of how it would look to live in Rome thousands of years ago. It is amazing to be able to walk inside of ancient buildings and conjure up how life was like in the capital of the Roman Empire. Elsewhere, opulent piazzas and intricately ornamented churches add a baroque style to the city's historic streets. Everywhere in Rome there are little or not so little pieces of history that are opened for people to explore and experience.

Few cities can compete with Rome's astounding artistic heritage. A great way to spend your time in Rome is to discover pieces of art by pioneering artistic geniuses in a few of the many spectacular museums in Rome. You can examine the masterpieces crafted by geniuses like Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, and Caravaggio for your whole time in Rome. One of the best art museums in Rome and the world is the Galleria Borghese, which was actually Scipione Borghese's private collection. And what a collection it is; room after room of brilliant paintings and sculptures. Sculptures in the likes of Apollo and Daphne by Bernini and paintings as extraordinary as Saint Jerome Writing by Caravaggio. Art in Rome is a culture that is so noteworthy and cannot be missed.

Walking the streets of Rome is something that evokes a hauntingly historical, yet beautiful impression. Getting lost in Rome is the most rewarding thing you can get caught doing. Finding hidden walkways and cobble stone streets that look like they were walked on by ancient Romans can lead to hidden gems like a quaint local bakery or a neighborhood trattoria. Its not the big things like the daunting squares and ancient structures, but the little details. Things as simple as locals having a friendly chatter in Italian, church bells that center you back to Rome, or even a hydrant spewing out water along the cobble stone steps. That is what makes Rome so beautiful; the details.

Just a quick taxi ride away, the Vatican City is in Rome, but it is its own country and the headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican City is a like a vast museum of religious and artistic wonders. The renowned St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums (including the Sistine Chapel) are all located in the Vatican. You could spend the rest of your life studying all the works of art located in the museums and even on the celling. In this papal city every marble column is steeped in the colorful history of the Catholic history. You can trot around this holy city looking at the beautiful architecture and the hulking Swiss guards. Scouring through painting after painting of Roman works will lead you to the Sistine Chapel where Michelangelo brilliantly painted a ceiling with Adam reaching out towards God's hand. Not only that, the Vatican Museum holds works like Scuola di Atene, The Crucifixion of St. Peter, and countless, countless more. The Vatican City is a great day trip from Rome where you can experience and be educated on Roman Catholic culture and especially art.